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Three Hour Ceasefire began life during the winter of 2008 in Limerick City, the urban centre of Ireland’s mid-west region. Several years and lineups later, the band’s original core of childhood friends M.M. (guitar) and A.L. (bass) remains, enhanced by the experience and dedication of K.C. (drums) and D.C. (vocals). 

The band takes musical inspiration from the global Death and Thrash Metal scenes of the late 1980s and early 90s, blending the speed and aggression of Sepultura with the crushing hooks of Entombed. This inspiration is, however, channelled in the band’s own spirit and stands apart from the retro fetishism gripping 
Europe at present.

Having been directly affected by the rapid decline of Limerick’s industrial manufacturing base and the collpase of the building trade across Ireland, the ongoing economic downturn has served to strengthen the band members’ individual and collective resolve to make the most of the creative outlet the Metal underground 
affords them.

Driven by a DIY ethic and with deep roots in their local and regional Metal scenes, Three Hour Ceasefire release their debut EP Cry Havoc through Belfast’s Savour Your Scene Records on Compact Disc and digital formats June 2012. The EP delivers six tracks of working class fury in a package distinguished by the 

artwork of Canadian illustrator Tristan Tolhurst and the audio mastering skills of Limerick-based veteran Richard Dowling who has previously worked with Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, and Godflesh among others.